January 2020 Bundang House Newsletter

Dear British Education Korea Bundang House parents, 

     As everyday is a day for new discoveries and explorations for our children, the month of January was not an exception. To celebrate the Lunar New Year, we played traditional games and made various traditional hand-made crafts. While some made New Year’s resolutions to set goals for the year by themselves, younger children learned the meaning of setting goals and how to work to achieve them. 

     As we’re wrapping up the year and preparing for the new academic year, both our Pre-Nursery to Year 3 students and teachers have kept themselves busy with assessments on Literacy and Numeracy. The assessment results will be a stellar indicator of how much our children have learned and what they need to focus more on next year. I’m very proud of not only how much our children have accomplished this year but also how much they’ve given their very best to what they do and take what faces them with a positive attitude and without fear as they have learned it’s okay to take risks, to fail, and to try again. 

    At the beginning of February, with the goals to inform our parents about the progress our children have made, there will be a Parent-Teacher Conference scheduled for all grade levels. It is important you join us this time and find out about the accomplishments and growth our students have made in the seven main subjects our children are studying under the British Curriculum – Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for Pre-N to Reception and the eleven subjects our Year 1 and upper-grade students study under the National Curriculum for England (NCE).

    As there was a Coronavirus outbreak at the end of January, all of us have tried to keep our school safe and have continued to manage our educational journey in the best condition for our children. Until the outbreak settles, the BEK staff will monitor the case closely and try our best to keep our children safe and healthy.

    In the month of February, there are very important dates with the last day of the current grade on February 21st and the Orientation/First Day of School on March 2nd the day in which you will meet new teachers and new parents of your child’s classmates. Please mark the dates on our children’s academic calendar and we will follow up with you about the ways parents can participate on those days. 


Thank you.


The British Pre Prep Bundang House 

Mia Kim

Nov. & Dec 2019 Bundang House Newsletter

Dear Bundang House parents,

As the year 2019 is getting close to an end, it is appropriate to think about and be thankful for the growth our children have made physically, socially and academically.

Toward the end of the year, our children found it fascinating and fun while they are enjoying the special activities to prepare the events at school. The month of November and December kept both our children and teachers quite busy with a variety of school events.

In November the school held our annual Art Gala through which our children and parents played an active role in charitable efforts by raising funds for local charities. Art Gala was a great opportunity to observe our children’s beautiful collaboration and to see supportive participation of our families’ in their children’s early learning and development. We are able to contribute aid to our neighbors. This year, with much parent participation and support we were able to collect close to two million KRW and extend our sharing to two different local charities, KBS which is the Korean British Society scholarship program to support North Korean refugees to continue their study and a local charity named “The Rainbow Multicultural Community Children Center ’’ 무지개 다문화 아동센터 in Sungnam provides a shelter for migrant workers, single-parent families, and after school programs for children at free of charge. Believing in a holistic approach to education, we hope our children continue to be empathetic and practice what is good as they grow up.

As we’re approaching the children’s favorite holiday of the year, Christmas, Santa visited our children to congratulate them on their good deeds and to celebrate the special day of the year. To show appreciation for our parents for their love and support, our children invited their parents and family members to the 2019 Christmas Concert and performed what they have been practicing for the show. Many BEK families participated and gave them a big round of applause to celebrate the Christmas spirit together.






2019 School Year of BEK Bundang House is another wonderful journey children have enjoyed and grown-up throughout the process and beauty of learning. Thanks to our children for their originality, innovativeness, and whimsicality, and for their sense of humor which spread rapidly to many and bring out smiles and laughter in us. In this holiday season, I wish the time our children will spend with their families and friends are full of happiness and lots of memories, and that they come back to school well-rested, refreshed, and recharged as we will have very busy two months to wrap up the academic year 2019 and begin the new year full of adventures and explorations. I wish all of our Bundang House families happy, healthy and wonderful new year.

Best regards,

Mia Kim
The British Pre Prep – Bundang House

October 2019 BPP Bundang House Newsletter

Dear BEK Bundang parents,

Time has flown by and we are already nearing the last term of our academic year! It is hard to believe how much our students have grown through the term. In October, our children enjoyed a variety of fall events, and we were glad to have an informative event with parents to share the progress of our children’s education journey. During the week of October 28th, parents came and learned from our teachers about next year’s curriculum on Inquiry, Literacy, and Numeracy.

To encourage the children to read more books at home and further improve literacy, BEK Bundang House created a reading log for the month of October. We are so happy to see how much children have been reading at home with their parents and look forward to rewarding students with their own certificate presented by the principal.

In school, the children at Bundang spent an entire week focusing on the wonders of books. In our classrooms, the children heard a range of stories and took part in fun book-related activities. Moreover, they visited each other’s classrooms in order to read books with different age groups. Also during the week, the school hosted a book fair in our school gym. There was a huge selection of fiction and nonfiction books suitable for a range of readers, which each student had a chance to explore and peruse through. That day they excitedly expressed their reading interests to their friends and classroom teachers. It was lovely to see all the children reading and browsing the books with each other. Additionally, parents were invited to visit the book fair to shop with their children — We hope the children enjoy reading their new books!

At the end of October, the children of Bundang House celebrated Halloween. Everyone put on creative costumes and partook in a wide range of fun activities. The school was filled with great excitement and happy laughter rang throughout the hallways. Princesses and superheroes were a very popular choice among the students. Dressed in costume, all of the students at Bundang House went around different classrooms using the traditional “Trick or Treat!” to fill their goody bags with delicious candy. At the end of the day, everyone went home with big smiles on their faces!

It was great to see so many of you at the Book Fair and Curriculum Workshop. As always, we thank you for your trust in us, and we look forward to continuing this education journey with your children.

Best regards,

Mia Kim
The British Pre Prep Bundang

September 2019 BPP Bundang Newsletter

Dear BEK Bundang parents,

Red and gold leaves and the autumn breeze welcomed our children to the new season. The month of September, highlighted by our special Chuseok event on the 30th, was another exciting month for our students, with a variety of school events, field trips, and active learning projects. This year, we invited DaEarl Culture Research Society to give our children an opportunity to take part in a traditional form of the Korean Tea Ceremony, called Darye (다례). The children dressed up in traditional Korean clothing called Hanbok (한복), learned how to show respect to others while politely and gently pouring tea, and were introduced to the various special rituals Koreans perform during Chuseok in order to honor their ancestors. To add to the fun, our students played traditional Chuseok activities and games, read Korean folktales, and made traditional crafts.

As we leave September behind, October comes with just as many enjoyable and interesting events. This October is Reading Month, and our children will read different genres of books in addition to choosing the book of the month together. They will bring home a daily reading log, where parents can extend the joy of reading to the home. We hope parents will enjoy reading with their child at home on a daily basis!

We will continue to provide a holistic and quality approach to learning through which our children will find identity, meaning and purpose in life. We anticipate them becoming discoverers and explorers in this thrilling journey of knowledge and understanding. We look forward to continued open communication between parents, classroom teachers, and school administrators, and I ask our parents to continue to take an active role in their children’s learning, where even something as small as reading every night before bed can have a huge impact.

Best regards,

Mia Kim
The British Pre Prep Bundang

August 2019 BPP Bundang House Newsletter

Dear BPP Bundang House parents,

Welcome back to the second semester of the 2019-2020 Academic Year!

I hope you and your family had a great summer! It is exciting to have our children back in school for the autumn semester. What’s even more exciting is how much our students have already grown, not only physically but also socially and emotionally. They have had so much to share about the worlds they discovered and explored during the break. I am truly glad that our students have had this opportunity to use what they l

earned outside of school naturally and actively as well as expand their knowledge in general. Our teachers and staff will continue to work together to provide a learning setting where our children are the leaders of their own learning and supporters of their classmates. Our children and teachers will be busy in the month of September with a variety of events, starting this month with a Chuseok Tea Ceremony as part of our Chuseok celebrations. Additionally, we will have an International Benchmark Assessment so that we can evaluate academic growth among our students and continue to prepare the best way to guide them forward.

In the second semester, we will continue to strive to ensure learning is not only fun and engaging but also meaningful and authentic for our children. With the inquiry topics, our students will continue to make connections to the real world around them and help them contemplate identity, meaning, and the purpose of life even from a young age. All the BPP staff members keep working hard for our children to receive the best possible quality education. In September, the second appraisals are scheduled to celebrate the professional growth of our teachers have made and to evaluate areas for further development. It will be a great opportunity for administrators and teachers to discuss ways to further develop teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and teaching strategies to better cater to our students’ needs.

We are looking forward to seeing our children grow through the second chapter of their educational journey.  I hope you can come join us on our journey together!

Best regards,

Mia Kim
BPP Bundang House


July 2019 BPP Bundang House Newsletter

Dear BPP Bundang House Parents,

The month of July has come to an end, and we are officially more than halfway through the academic year. Since the beginning of our new academic year, our BPP Bundang House students have seen incredible growth and development in every area of learning. Not only have they have grown taller and bigger physically but also their critical thinking skills have grown deeper in addition to becoming more knowledgeable in a whole spectrum of subjects.

BPP Bundang House staff and teachers were glad to have had the opportunity to share our students’ successful growth with parents at PTC. Parents were able to look closely at their child’s learning journey through the report. Because each and every child keeps his or her own pace in learning, our teachers always meticulously keep track of each students’ learning journey through these reports. They are always dedicated to supporting our students’ academic growth as well as their social growth.

Because we strongly believe in hands-on learning, before we finished the academic year, our students had fun and interactive learning opportunities during summer camp. Summer camp is two weeks of activities and events that give our students the opportunity to have an energetic and enjoyable time. The first thing they did was learn all about the jungle and the safari and about the many animals that live in there. Moreover, as the summer is both hot and humid, we took our students on a field trip to the zoo for exciting play time in the water. In the second week of summer camp, our students learned and talked about some of the greatest figures in world history, their life stories, and their achievements. Furthermore, they learned about various occupations in the world and had a chance to dream about their future career. Thank you to all the parents, children, teachers, and staff for their support and energy!

In July, we played, laughed, and enjoyed fun activities, and I hope these special childhood memories last in our students’ hearts forever. I also hope that everyone has a lovely summer vacation, where our students and their families can continue to create additional memories of summer fun. The teacher and staff at BPP Bundang House very much look forward to another summer month in August filled with exciting and fun things to do. Have a great summer break!

Image result for summer break

Best regards,

Mia Kim


June 2019 BPP Bundang House Newsletter

Dear BPP Bundang House parents,
I can’t believe we are already completing our first spring term at BPP Bundang House. I am sure all our students have grown academically and socially while they were having fun through our inquiry-based education. Both our teachers and learners have kept themselves fully occupied and had a productive month, by wrapping up their spring term and welcoming in the summer one. Our teachers and staff at BPP Bundang House are glad to have had the opportunity to work with parents at the Parent-Teacher Conference at the beginning of July. Congratulations on your achievement, and keep up the good work!

  • Enriched Literacy Workshop
    In June BPP Bundang House invited our parents to share our vision on the second term curriculum. We were pleased to share our reading workshop with our supportive parents. For the second term, our teachers are going to put more effort into developing various reading programs that will allow our students the opportunity to increase both their learning and imagination. BPP Bundang students will explore various genres of fiction and nonfiction stories in their reading classes. Also, we will encourage students to expand their knowledge as they participate in story-based monthly projects. We hope they will fall in love with reading and become a book lover in their lifelong learning journey.

3rd Grade Literacy Workshop

  • Fire Drill
    One day, the sound of a fire alarm filled our campus. It was fire drill day at BPP Bundang House! Through these fire drills, our students learn how to respond properly should a fire ever break out. Fire drills help students, teachers, and all staff at BPP Bundang House respond quickly, calmly and safely. Teachers talked to students about fire drill and emergency procedures in their classrooms. Our older students learned that should they discover a fire in or around the building, or hear the emergency alarm, they would need to evacuate from the building in ordered rows. Students learned the four steps on how to escape safely when dangerous smoke starts to fill the room. 1) Cover and protect your nose and mouth with their clothes 2) Keep the body as low as possible 3) Put your hand on the wall with your free hand so that you can follow the wall to the exit 4) Quickly evacuate in the direction of the exits. Older students went on to discuss what causes death in a fire and talked more about smoke-induced suffocation as well as how many toxic substances in the smoke can damage airways and lungs. When our students heard the siren for the fire drill, they shouted “Fire!” and followed their teachers to evacuate through our escape routes. Our younger students were assisted by staff in our school to go down the stairs. We will be having other natural disaster training as well as more fire drills regularly throughout the school year. We suggest that you plan and conduct evacuation drills with your family. Having all family members know the evacuation plan in cases of emergencies can protect our lives and property from fire.

In the month of July, BPP Bundang students will have another exciting and fun learning experience during their two-week summer camp. Many children from abroad have already completed their registration with us. For two weeks, our children will be engaged in enjoyable, academic activities and trips to further investigate and expand our students’ understanding in special topics. The first week’s theme is Jungle Safari, where our children will explore the wonders of nature through a journey into the jungle safari. In the second week, our children will meet the world’s greatest people in history and learn about their secret to success in life. We are looking forward to having another very special month full of learning and fun for our children in July.



May 2019 BPP Bundang House Newsletter


Image result for april showers bring may flowersAs the saying goes: April showers bring May flowers. And so it is with great pleasure that I can say May was another fruitful month for our students. After a refreshing spring break, BPP Bundang House students’ academic performances continued improving as they are nourished through our academic program, learning things from literacy to inquiry.
Moreover, it is not just academic performances that are flourishing but our school garden. At the end of April, our students planted seeds in our garden, and, with a lot of love and care, these flowers and vegetables are already budding and blooming so that our garden in the middle of school grounds is covered with a rich and vibrant array of colors.We celebrated May with family sports events on Saturday including KISAC (Korean International School Activities Conference) and Sports Day with Father. At both of these events, our students had a great time with family members and worked off a lot of their energy during these fun sports activities.

KISAC (Korean International School Activities Conference)

On Saturday May 18th, we were gathered at GSIS. We not only got to meet and have fun with other BEK school students but also students from other international schools. Together, all these students including our own, thrived during this opportunity to enjoy time together off campus, and I was proud to see how much they grew physically and mentally. Our students in coral blue uniforms ran across the bright green field and took turns shooting the black and white soccer ball. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day, allowing parents to enjoy the picnic and watch their kids in the soccer games. Even though this was only a children’s soccer league, everyone in the audience was excited and thrilled by these tournament games. Winning or losing was not important. All that mattered was that the children were having fun.

Sports Day with Father


The last Saturday of May, we invited dads to play sports with our students. It was a very special day for both our students and dads. Usually, it is not always easy for our students to get some quality, one-on-one time with dads, so BPP Bundang House set up this event to help build a special bond between dad and child. Dads and their children had the opportunity to participate in various events like music, mandarin language activities, crafts and games, and sports. Our students seemed especially happy to be able to play different game with their dads. I could see everyone really getting into the spirit of things. In the gym, dads were playing games like limbo and tug of war just as, or even more, enthusiastically than their children. Finally, the grand finale of our Sports Day with Father was the pinata! The children each had a turn throwing bean bags toward the pinata, and later they tried to hit it with a plastic baseball bat. One of the best moments of the day was when the pinata finally broke and candy scattered everywhere. All the children excitedly ran to pick some up and take home. At the end of our special day, they were all exhausted but thrilled to have gotten to play with their dads. The children carried home these wonderful memories, something I am sure they will keep for a long time.

Summer is just around the corner. We look forward to seeing our students in the coming months grow like summer trees, just as full of vibrant green leaves as a vigorous passion for knowledge. And to start off this summer, BPP Bundang House would like to invite all parents to our curriculum workshop to share our insightful education plans especially about our reading program. Hope to see you all at the Enriched Literacy Curriculum Workshop on June 4th!

April 2019 BPP Bundang House Newsletter

The first month of the school year has always been magical for both students and teachers. There is something special about watching our students get through this first period and settle in their new environment. The first day in a new classroom is particularly special as our little ones start their new academic journey. During this time, they have been building new relationships with friends and teachers. For the next 12 months, our students are going to continue to take part in those relationships and have the great joy of learning. I can’t wait to be a part of their great adventure!

In the beginning of April, the parents and I had Annual Coffee Meetings at BPP Bundang House so that we could have a collaborative conversation on the future education of our students. Many parents attended the meeting to share opinions on how we could provide the best educational environment for our students. Homeroom teachers presented our 2019~2020 blueprint for the school year’s academic goals in literacy, numeracy and inquiry-based classes as well as educational events and activities that can reinforce student learning. I was so pleased by how well prepared our homeroom teachers were and how engaged our students’ parents are, and I very much look forward to beginning this journey with BPP Bundang Community.

Today, modern parents are so busy, it can be difficult to have quality time with their child. As children grow, building a good relationship with parents will be a critical for their futures. I suggested that parents hug their child at least once a day to express their heartfelt emotions towards their loved one. I introduced several different styles of hugs that parents could try with their children. I thought the Hurricane Hug, where a parent hugs his or her child and spins together, would be more exciting for the children. Additionally, following the old Korean saying, “praise can make even a whale dance,” I encouraged parents to compliment their children more. Praise can not only make your child more confident in themselves, but also self-motivated in trying new things. During our Coffee Meetings, I gave our parents 101 words of praise for them to try out. I hope parents can find the opportunity to use these words to motivate their children in every way.

During the month of April, which is nationally recognized as Child Abuse Prevention Month, BPP Bundang House held safety lessons on child sexual abuse. All BPP Bundang staff and teachers believe that as educators they have to play important roles in preventing and responding to child sexual abuse. In addition, they should play strong roles in promoting the social and emotional well-being of children and families in our communities. In these lessons, children learned how to keep their bodies safe and how to act when they face uncomfortable situations. They learned that they are the boss of their body. Towards the end of the lesson, the students played a game to review what they learned, and everyone earned a smiley pin to symbolize that they’re the boss of their body.

Additionally, our students went on their first field trip of the year, with each age group having the opportunity to learn about a different area in an inquiry-based workshop. Even morning exciting this upcoming May, we have exciting and fun family events to celebrate special family days such as Children’s Day and Father’s Saturday. I look forward to seeing the students enjoying those events and their happy, smiling faces.


Welcome Back to School & Happy New Year!

Dear Bundang House parents,

For children, every day is a special and fun day with discoveries and explorations, and the month of January was not an exception. With an attempt to live the new year fully, our older children made New Year’s resolutions and set goals for the year while the younger children studied the meaning of setting goals and discussed ways to achieve them.

In this month, Pre-K to K2 students and teachers have kept themselves busy with assessments on Literacy and Numeracy. The assessment results will be used as an indicator for how much our children have learned and what they need to focus more on next year in order to excel both physically and academically. Not only am I very proud of what and how much our children have accomplished this year but also how much they’ve given their very best to what they do and take what faces them with a positive attitude and resilience.

In the beginning of February, with the goals of informing our parents about the progress our children have made, there will be a Parent Teacher Conference scheduled for all grade levels. Teachers have shared the schedule with parents, and it is important for parents and families to join this time and find out about the accomplishments and growth our children have made in the the seven main areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for Pre-N to Pre-K and the eleven areas our K1 and older students study under the National Curriculum in England (NCE). At the conference, you should also be able to find out the learning goals for the next year with some of the student work samples.

The month of February will start with the very special Lunar New Year event in which our children will learn about the Korean traditional Seol-nal activities and share traditional Korean food with their classmates and teachers. Other important dates in February have been shared with parents via Kakao message a few days ago.

During the winter break we delivered the proceeds our families contributed at the Art Gala this year to disabled children at Myongdo Welfare Center in Mokpo. Sister Geraldine, the Director of the organization, sent a thank you card with a photo of friends who received our help. Please see the photos of the friends and the card.

Once again, thank you for your support and generosity you shared with our neighbors.

Thank you,

Saebom K. Park