May 2020 BEK Bundang House Newsletter

Dear BEK Bundang Families, 

    Welcome back to school! Our children and teachers have been excited to be back in school after such an unexpectedly long break. Unfortunately, in order to protect our students from COVID-19, our usual winter break had to be extended. However, our BEK Bundang teachers promptly and diligently worked to engage with our students through remote learning. We came up with creative ways to support our BEK students at home in order to help bring positivity and encouragement during these trying times. Our teacher’s greeting video clip and “Happy” music video delivered a joyful message to the BEK Bundang Community. Moreover, while our BEK Online Program was a challenge to set up, it became an innovative education experience for both teachers and students who participated in it. We are finally able to meet in person again though, as most of our students are already back at school. Our BEK Bundang teachers are very excited to welcome our children back to class!

      Teachers and students are already taking their first steps in catching up, with fun learning activities for new, unforgettable memories. Smiles and laughter will fill the school as the excitement of learning with classmates energizes our students and start us off to a great year. Especially in May, we will have exciting and fun family events to celebrate special holidays such as Children’s Day, Parents’ Day and Father’s Saturday. I look forward to seeing the students enjoying those events, especially as lovely spring and summer weather rolls in. 

In addition to our family events this month, at the end of  May, BEK Bundang will be hosting its annual Coffee Meeting for parents.  It will be an opportunity for the parents and homeroom teachers to have a collaborative conversation on the future of our students. We look forward to parents attending the meeting and sharing opinions and ideas on how we can continue to best provide an exceptional educational environment for our students. We very much look forward to continuing this journey with our BPP Bundang Community. 

     Even though we have begun our school year later than planned, we are sure that our students will have another great year together with our teachers and staff. BEK Bundang educators will work hard to keep our school safe for the health of our children and ensure that they aren’t missing a single step in their educational journey. Let’s give three big cheers for the grand beginning of our children’s academic adventures of 2020!


back to school. color pencils

Best regards, 

BEK Bundang House    

Principal Mia Kim