June 2020 BD House Newsletter

Dear BEK BD House parents,

I can’t believe we are already completing our first month of the school year at BPP Bundang House. In just a short amount of time, all our students have grown academically and socially while they were having fun through our inquiry-based education. Both our teachers and learners have kept themselves fully occupied and had a productive month with all the family-oriented events and learning about Spring seasonal topics like plants and butterflies. In May, teachers and staff were glad to have an opportunity to meet with parents at our Annual Coffee Meeting and discuss the academic journeys of our BPP Bundang students. We are grateful that these chaotic times have settled down, and we are able to return to our daily routines to move forward in our learning journey.

  • Father’s Saturday
    In previous years, we have invited the dads of our students to enjoy lively games of sports with their children. After the start of the global pandemic, however, our activities this year centered on showing our love for our family and rethinking the meaning of family. We had a photo exhibition showcasing side-by-side photos of students and their most look-alike member of their family. Everyone enjoyed pointing out the similarities between themselves and their family members. Students also had fun designing a special cup and a tie for their dad. Although we could not do all the activities together with students’ dads, we spent that time thinking about how we all appreciate the time and love that we can share with our family.


  • Annual Coffee Meeting
    At the end of May, the parents and teachers had Annual Coffee Meetings at BPP Bundang House so that we could have a collaborative conversation on the future of our students. Many parents attended the meeting to share opinions on how we could provide the best educational environment for our students. Homeroom teachers presented our 2020~2021 blueprint for the year’s academic goals in literacy, numeracy and inquiry-based classes as well as educational events and activities that can reinforce student learning. I was so pleased by how well prepared our homeroom teachers were and how engaged our students’ parents are. I very much look forward to continuing this year’s journey with the BPP Bundang Community.

This June, we are excited for another very special month full of learning and fun for our BPP Bundang students!


Mia Kim

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