It is Student Report Time

The Interim Student Reports for the 2020-21 Academic Year have been written, checked, and signed. This report outlines your child’s academic progress for the first part of the year, and we are excited to share your child’s successes with you.

The format has changed. It is now more descriptive and will give you better insight into what your child has achieved during the first term. This report, coupled with your previous Parent and Teacher Conference should mean you are very up-to-date with your child’s academic journey.

It has been a very different and difficult start to the year, so please celebrate your child’s successes with them for their progress to date and their small achievements. They have worked very hard for this.

Our teachers will be available after the summer break, if you need to discuss any part of this report with them in detail. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with your child.

Ms Toni Wright